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MPG Law Professional Corporation ("MPG Law") is a dynamic litigation law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to clients in Waterdown, Hamilton, Flamborough, Burlington, Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas. With a focus on resolving complex legal disputes, MPG Law is committed to protecting clients' rights and achieving favorable outcomes.

MPG Law understands that navigating the legal system can be overwhelming. That's why MPG Law focuses on offering personalized attention and tailoring our approach to meet each client's unique needs. We take the time to thoroughly understand the details of every case in order to provide strategic advice and crafting effective legal strategies.

What sets MPG Law apart is the unwavering dedication to client success. MPG Law prioritizes open and transparent communication, keeping clients informed about the progress of their cases and ensuring they feel confident in the legal strategies employed. MPG firmly believes in building strong relationships based on trust, respect, and integrity.

Mathew Glowacki is a skilled litigator with years of experience in a wide range of practice areas. From contract disputes to estates litigation, from construction liens to property disputes, Mathew has the knowledge and expertise to handle diverse legal challenges. Mathew is well versed in negotiation and courtroom advocacy, and he will tirelessly fight for clients' interests at every stage of the litigation process.

Beyond MPG Law’s commitment to individual clients, MPG Law is deeply rooted in the communities we serve. MPG Law strives to make a positive impact by actively participating in local initiatives and supporting organizations in the Hamilton communities and surrounding areas.  Mathew is a member on the Board of Directors for the St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation, a foundation supporting those in need at St. Joseph’s Villa.

If you're facing a legal dispute, or believe you may have a potential claim and have questions, in the Waterdown, Hamilton, Flamborough, Burlington, Toronto, GTA or surrounding areas, we invite you to contact MPG Law to discuss your case. MPG Law is ready to provide you with the knowledgeable and effective representation you deserve. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and advocate for your rights.

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